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What is Generation Scotland?

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Generation Scotland has been an active project since 2003, when we first received funding. We enrolled our first volunteer in 2006. 

Over 30,000 people from across Scotland are involved and make Generation Scotland a world class project for biomedical research. Volunteers took part in one of our research studies by providing blood, other samples, clinical measurements and information about their health and lifestyle. Our volunteers have allowed us to study a wide variety of conditions including heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain and mental health.

Volunteers have given consent to allow both academic and commercial research. Importantly, the majority of volunteers have also given permission for us to link information from their medical records and to be re-contacted about participation in future research. 

In September last year, Generation Scotland was awarded £5 million of funding from the Wellcome Trust. They’re the UK’s largest funder of medical research. The funding will allow us to open the study up to new volunteers later this year.

We’ve learned a lot about how health is affected by where we live, what we do, our habits and our family histories. We’re also noticing important differences between generations. Now we’re eager to invite anybody over the age of 12 to take part. This will help us look after the younger generation’s future, as well as their parents and grandparents.

When we start enrolling we’d love for you to take part. If you'd like to register your interest in joining, visit the link below to fill in your details. We will then up date you when we are ready for you to sign-up.

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