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Joining SHARE is great way for you to help improve the future of healthcare in Scotland. Learn more about how you can register here.

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SHARE is a way for people in Scotland to help health research. It was created by NHS Scotland, to make a register of people interested in taking part in research. Volunteers agree to allow SHARE to use data in their NHS computer records, to check whether they might be suitable for a wide range of health research studies. This access could be very useful for creating new treatments and cures for many health conditions.

Every time you give blood for a routine clinical test, a small amount is left in the tube. This left-over blood can be valuable for research. If you sign up to SHARE, you can also consent to provide this spare blood. This is voluntary. You can still join SHARE if you don't want your spare blood used.

If you join, you might be invited to take part in a health research study in the future. It would be up to you to decide if you wanted to take part. It only takes a minute to join the SHARE register and it can make a real difference to Scotland's future health.

If you'd like to join SHARE you can click the link below, for more details:

Register for SHARE