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We aim to ensure that all our data is available easily and securely. For that reason, we've joined a number of collaborations. Read more about them here.

HDRUK's International Alliance

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Generation Scotland has joined forces with partners in HDRUK's International Alliance to enable secure and collaborative COVID-19 data research at scale. Many organisations across the world are conducting studies into COVID-19 and are generating data that, when aggregated and reanalysed, can lead to powerful insights that help accelerate discovery of interventions. However, the data are often siloed meaning it is difficult for researchers to share and collaborate quickly to leverage the expertise and capabilities of 21st century research and analysis.

The International COVID-19 Data Research Alliance and Workbench will provide an environment for focused collaborative research. It will match high value data from many sources with cutting edge analysis to accelerate collaboration, discovery and development of insights and treatments to combat COVID-19, all with privacy and accessibility in mind. Generation Scotland has joined this alliance alongside the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Minderoo Foundation, Wellcome, African Academy of Sciences, HDR Network Canada, Genomics England, and the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory. Visit the link below to learn more about the alliance and workbench:

HDRUK Alliance and Workbench


Wellcome COVID-19 Questionnaire

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Generation Scotland teamed up with Avon Longitundinal Study of Parents and Children to help design the Wellcome Trust's Covid-19 questionnaire. It's freely available to all population health researchers. It can be used to help address health, behaviour, social, environmental and economic questions in the context of the pandemic. The questionnaire is available in both RedCap and Qualtrics. The survey includes questions on education, mental health, wellbeing and more.

The first version was launched on 23rd April 2020 and is already helping explore changes to the lives of cohort participants in the UK and elsewhere. Alongside Avon Longitundinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), we are providing the secretariat function for the questionnaire(s). It will support the continued development, deployment, collection and analysis of a shared COVID-19 questionnaire across UK cohorts.

Would you like to gain access to this questionnaire and start using it in your own research? Visit the website below to find out how to access it.

The Wellcome Trust's Covid-19 Questionnaire


Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC)

Established in 1991, and also known as Children of the 90s, ALSPAC charts the lives of 14,500 people born in the former county of Avon between April 1991 and December 1992 as well as the lives of their parents and their children, where applicable.

Based at the University of Bristol, ALSPAC is the most detailed study of its kind in the world, providing a rich resource for the study of the environmental, biological and genetic factors that affect health and development. Data is collected via questionnaires, clinical assessments, biological samples and data linkage. A data dictionary provides an overview of all available data.

In recent years, ALSPAC has started to recruit and collect data on the children of the original children (COCO90s) who number 620 (as of March 2017) and their non-ALSPAC parent.

If you are a researcher you can find out about the data available and how to access it from the ALSPAC website:

ALSPAC Data Access


CLOSER Logo with strapline 'The home of longitudinal research'

Generation Scotland is now part of CLOSER. CLOSER is the home of longitudinal research. It brings together world-leading longitudinal studies to maximise their use, value and impact and improve our understanding of key social and biomedical challenges. Read more about CLOSER below.


You can search and browse questionnaires and data from our study using the CLOSER Discovery search engine. CLOSER Discovery is an online platform that allows users to explore the content of multiple UK longitudinal studies.

CLOSER Discovery search engine

It is regularly updated to include more content from each longitudinal study. The full list of study questionnaires and datasets currently available in CLOSER Discovery, as well as the instruments that will be added at a later date, can be found on the website below

Datasets currently available in CLOSER Discovery