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TeenCovidLife 2

Are you aged 12-17, living in Scotland? TeenCovidLife survey 2 is launching soon. Find out more about how you can get involved, when we launch, here.

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In May, we launched the TeenCovidLife survey. It was designed with 12-17 year olds in mind. We invited young people across Scotland to take part and over 5,000 volunteers got involved. We asked about how lockdown had been affecting their school and home life. We also wanted to know how they felt about lockdown and how it's impacted them. If you'd like to see the results of this survey, click the link below:

TeenCovidLife: The results are in

TeenCovidLife is closed now. However, we have some exciting news. In mid-August we will be launching TeenCovidLife 2! If you took part in our first survey, and gave us your email, you should receve an invite to survey 2. This is a personal link. It means you don't have to re-enter some information and the survey will be shorter.

If you didn't give us your email or didn't take part in survey 1 you can still get involved. We'll make a link available on this page when we go live. If you're aged 12-17, living in Scotland, you can take part. Keep an eye out for the link soon.

We are working with SHINE schools across Scotland. Schools in this network will get the information added to their SHINE folders. 

If you have any questions, make sure you visit our Frequently Asked Questions. We've added a few questions that we think you might find the most interesting below: