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Do you live in a rural area in Scotland? We're looking for people over the age of 16, from rural Scottish communities, to take part in a new survey. Find out more here.

Loch in the highlands, overlooking snow capped mountains

RuralCovidLife is a survey about coronavirus (COVID-19). It's been created to understand how COVID-19 measures have affected the health and wellbeing of people living in rural Scottish communities. The questions have been tailored and designed by people from rural communities. We're doing this to make sure we ask about topics relevant to you.

We hope to understand whether rural communities are being affected differently from other Scottish communities. We can then look at why there may be differences and learn how rural communities can be better supported. 

The survey includes questions on employment, community, mental health, wellbeing and more. We've been working directly with rural communities to develop this research and hear their concerns. This will help us understand how to prepare for the future, making sure rural voices are heard.

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If you have any questions, make sure you visit our Frequently Asked Questions. We've added a few questions that we think you might find the most interesting below.

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