Generation Scotland

General Information

Generation Scotland is a bioresource of human biological samples available for medical research.

Generation Scotland (GS) is a unique partnership between the Scottish University Medical Schools, the NHS in Scotland and the people of Scotland. It was created thanks to funding from the Scottish Government and is maintained through collaborative research. 

GS aims to create more effective treatments based on gene knowledge to the medical, social and economic benefit of Scotland and its people. Over 30,000 people from across Scotland have helped Generation Scotland create a world class biomedical resource for research into a wide variety of diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and mental health problems. They did this by participating in one of our research studies and contributing blood and other samples, clinical measurements such as blood pressure and information about their health and lifestyle. Importantly, the majority have also given their permission to link to information from their medical records and to be re-contacted about participation in further research.


A Resource for Medical Research

GS has created an ethically sound research resource to support medical research and identify the genetic basis of common complex diseases.  It incorporates three Research Tissue Banks: the Scottish Family Health Study (GS:SFHS), Genetic Health in the 21st Century (GS:21CGH) and the Donor DNA Databank (GS:3D). Together these projects have recruited a cohort of over 30,000 people.

Research participants have given consent to allow both academic and commercial research. Access to GS resources is co-ordinated by a dedicated management team and overseen by the GS Access Committee.



The Generation Scotland concept has been evolving for several years. GS was first funded in 2003, recruited its first participant in 2006 and final participant in 2011. GS has received over 250 requests to use its samples and data, and charges for access to its resources to help maintain and develop the GS resource.


10 Year Report

In July 2016 we prepared a report in which we looked back on the past decade as well as forward to the future of Generation Scotland. You can download this report below.