The General Council

Call for nominations - General Council Business Committee

Deadline for nominations - 20 November 2024

Membership of the General Council gives you a continuing voice in the governance of the University and an opportunity to remain engaged in its affairs. This can take several forms, including standing for election to the Business Committee. 

Business Committee

The Business Committee manages the business of the General Council. It consists of twenty members who also keep abreast of current developments between the two Half Yearly Meetings through the work of its various standing committees and regular meetings with senior University staff. It has the right, on behalf of the General Council, to raise questions on matters affecting the well-being and prosperity of the University, but it does not have executive responsibility for the management of the University. The Business Committee is a diverse, experienced and enthusiastic group whose principal responsibilities are as follows:

  • Formal (Statutory) Responsibilities;
  • Influencing & Advising;
  • Ambassadors for the University.

This link tells you why membership of the Business Committee is important and rewarding.

General Council Elections February 2025

There are vacancies for the Business Committee every year and the number varies according to the turnover pattern. This year we are now seeking nominations to fill five places. We are particularly looking for new members with experience in communications and marketing, HR, IT and digital.

Nomination forms can be downloaded below and must be received in the General Council office no later than 20 November 2024.

If the number of nominations received exceeds the number of vacancies, those chosen are decided by an election. Details of the election arrangements are given in the Protocol. Elections are by online voting with the option of a postal ballot on request. Online voting is recommended with the expectation of encouraging members of the General Council to participate in the Elections. A much simpler voting process has been introduced, especially for online voting and further details will also appear in the winter issue of Billet. 

NOMINATION FORMS can be downloaded below:

The closing date to receive nomination forms in the General Council office is 20 November 2024 for the February 2025 elections.

After the closing date a list of nominees will be posted on this website.