Staff remuneration and expenses

Freedom of Information Publications - Senior staff remuneration

Senior staff remuneration

Principal's remuneration and statistical information on remuneration of other senior staff required to be published under the SFC Financial Memorandum.

Refer to ''Notes to the Accounts'' number 9 in in the Financial Statements.


Timescale of availability: Annual update - December
Other formats available: Paper
Fee for information: Free via internet; 10 pence per page plus postage for paper copies, payable with order.

Senior staff expenses

In the year 2020/21 members of the senior leadership claimed no expenses related to their senior leadership role

Senior staff expenses - 2021/22 [PDF - 131kB]

Senior staff expenses - 2019/20 [PDF - 122kB]

Senior staff expenses - 2018/19 [PDF - 219kB]

Principal's Expenses

In the year 2020/21 the Principal did not claim any expenses

Principal's Expenses Professor Peter Mathieson - 2019/20 [PDF - 175kB]

Principal's Expenses Professor Peter Mathieson - 2018/19 [PDF - 109kB]