My finance (was The Finance Channel)

My finance - The University of Edinburgh Finance Channel

My finance offers students and staff some access to their financial information through the MyEd online portal.

My finance provides transaction details relating to both tuition and accommodation fees and charges, which are owed by either students or sponsors.

Financial transactions such as invoices, credit notes and payments are viewable as either current items or in history once these transactions have been sent or received. Payment can be made without an invoice or against a particular invoice. Amounts are shown as sterling GBP and a '-' in front of an amount means this is a credit amount.

Your offer letter will display the estimated fees or use the Tuition Fees search to find the fee rate for your programme of study.

Tuition fees

Not all University invoices are currently available on My finance such as:

  • The Library
  • The EUSA Small Loans Service

Getting started

Before you can use the My finance you must have a University Login (formerly EASE)and be logged into MyEd.

Your University Login

Using My finance