Online payment

The simplest way to pay student fees is online, by debit or credit card, using one of the University’s secure payment systems. The payment systems are hosted by WPM Education, a payment process expert specialising in the education sector.

Pre-Authorise payments to speed up the process

For high value transactions and/or non-UK based cards please advise your card issuer in advance about the transaction you are about to make. This may help avoid delays in the authorisation process.

The following cards are accepted:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Maestro (UK and International)
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa Electron
  • American Express

A receipt will be sent to the email address used when making the payment which should be kept as proof of payment.

Online payment can be made through:

The Tuition Payment gateway offers international cardholders a choice to pay in their home currency (if made available by the card issuer) at competitive dynamic currency conversion rates or pay in sterling and rely on the exchange rate applied by the card issuer.

There are 33 currencies available (dependant on the card issuer) including GBP.

Declined Cards

During the online payment process there may be occasions when a card payment is declined without an obvious reason. In many cases, declined transactions are for your own protection to prevent fraudulent activity on your account.  To protect your privacy your card issuer won’t share the declined reason with the University and the University is unable to request the payment direct from your card issuer,  even if they ask us to do so.

The most common reasons for a card decline are below but you should contact your card issuer direct if you need more information:

Reason How to avoid
card details entered incorrectly check and enter the card details again – your card will be locked if you enter the wrong PIN 3 times in a row, this to stop fraudsters guessing your PIN – phone the card issuer if this happens
insufficient funds check your balance before making a purchase – use an app to track your spending
payment exceeds your daily spending limit ask your card issuer to increase the daily limit or make a series of smaller payments
your credit limit has been reached maintain healthy credit with regular monitoring of your spending and paying credit card bills on time
payment flagged as unusual activity or unusual location make your card issuer aware before you make  any unusual purchases
using the wrong type of card check the card types that are accepted on the payment system used
using an expired card check the date and know when your card will expire, make sure you get a replacement in good time and destroy the expired card as it contains personal data
verification information entered doesn’t match your personal details make sure the personal details stored on your card are up to date - for example the billing address
technical issues with the payment gateway, the payment processor and/or the card issuer try again at a different time or using a different internet browser


Watch the videos or download the video transcripts to find out how easy it is to pay online: