Setting up your instalment plan

The amount of your first Direct Debit instalment is 50% of your student fees, the remaining two instalments are 25% each of the student fees.

Any small difference in the amount paid for the first instalment and the actual amount due as a first instalment will be taken into account (and collected) in the next instalments.

You must have a UK bank account to pay by Direct Debit instalments.

Family and friends

If your family member or friend wish to pay for your student fees then they are allowed to pay by Direct Debit. Please ensure that your student name and UUN are quoted on the online or paper mandate.

International students

If you require a visa to study in the UK, and you choose to pay by instalment, then you must send or bring to registration a copy of the same documentation used for your visa application demonstrating that you have adequate means of financial support in place.