Paying by instalment 2019/20

In most cases the University will agree to tuition fees being paid in three instalments. There is no additional cost for paying by this method.

Only tuition fees can be paid by instalment, module fees and all other tuition related charges must be paid in full in advance of the start of the academic year or the start of the module. See the definitions of fee type and descriptions for more information:


If you want to be considered for this option you need to:

  • Pay one half (50%) of your tuition fees in advance or when matriculating but no later than the 1st instalment date shown on the direct debit timetable. Any of the available payment methods can be used to pay the first instalment. Any deposit paid to secure a place on programme will be deducted from the first instalment.
  • Set up a Direct Debit instruction - from a UK bank account only - by the appropriate mandate due date according to the Direct Debit timetable.
  • Make sure that there is enough money (cleared funds) in the nominated bank account at least one day before each scheduled payment date. This is to avoid your direct debit being rejected as banks can collect payments at any time on the scheduled instalment date.

The remaining instalments will each be one-quarter (25%) of the tuition fees charged and will be collected by direct debit from the nominated bank account. Once the University has confirmed in writing tuition fees can be paid by direct debit instalment (the instalment plan letter) then it is not acceptable to pay the second and third instalment by any other payment method unless the balance of your tuition account is being paid in full.

The direct debit mandate will remain valid for the full period of study and used each year for the payment of tuition fees providing it is not cancelled. Students who have exited from a programme should set up a new direct debit mandate if returning to study for a new programme. You should notify the Income Section if there is a change of bank account, change of payment method or change of payer at least 20 days before the next instalment date.

International students

If you are an international student requiring a visa to study in the UK, you must ensure that you have the means both to pay your fees and to cover your living expenses while you are living in Edinburgh. This is a requirement of current UK immigration rules.

If you would like to pay by instalment then in addition to the other requirements you must also send or bring when matriculating a copy of the same documentation used for your visa application demonstrating that you have adequate means of financial support in place.


The option to pay by instalment is not available to:

  1. Any student with fees outstanding from previous years;
  2. Any student who has repeatedly defaulted on instalments in the past;
  3. Visiting students admitted to full-time study for one semester only;
  4. Students for whom the tuition fees charged are £500 or less;
  5. Sponsors (not family or friends) - invoice terms are strictly 30 days.

Students who matriculate late (one month or more after the programme start date) without good reason may be unable to take up the instalment option to pay their tuition fees.

Tuition fees and related charges will be due in full when completing matriculation.