Instalments for 2020/21

If you would like to pay by instalment for the 2020/21 academic year you need to:

  • pay 50% (one half) of your tuition fees in advance or when matriculating but no later than the 1st instalment date shown on the direct debit timetable
  • set up a Direct Debit instruction - from a UK bank account only - by the appropriate mandate due date according to the Direct Debit timetable
  • make sure that there is enough money (cleared funds) in the nominated bank account at least one day before each scheduled payment date. This is to avoid your direct debit being rejected as banks can collect payments at any time on the scheduled instalment date.

The remaining instalments will each be 25% (one-quarter) of the tuition fees charged and will be collected by direct debit from the nominated bank account. Once the University has confirmed in writing tuition fees can be paid by direct debit instalment (the instalment plan letter) then it is not acceptable to pay the second and third instalment by any other payment method unless the balance of your tuition account is being paid in full.

Only tuition fees can be paid by instalment, all other tuition related charges must be paid in full in advance or when matriculating. Refer to "Definitions" for more information.

Direct Debit Timetable 2020/21

Direct Debit mandate due dates and instalment dates are provided in the 2020/21 timetable.

Direct Debit mandate due date

For students matriculating in August, September or October 2020 the mandate due date is 15 October 2020.

Direct Debit instalment dates

Students matriculating in August, September or October 2020 then the instalment dates are:

  • 1st instalment - 50% - 3 October 2020
  • 2nd instalment - 25% - 3 December 2020
  • 3rd instalment - 25% - 3 February 2021

The tuition fee rates along with additional and important information about fee charging is provided by Scholarships and Student Funding Services, Student Administration.

Administration charge

An administration charge of £20 will be levied against a student's account where a direct debit instalment is returned unpaid from the payers bank. Please be aware banks may also charge for each failed direct debit.

The concession to pay by direct debit instalment will no longer be available where payments are returned unpaid on more than one occasion. If this occurs or where a direct debit instruction is cancelled (without good reason and sufficient prior notice to the Finance Department) then any remaining sums due for the year in question will be required to be paid immediately (including the administration charge) and any future years payments will be required to be paid by direct credit only to the University.

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