The Direct Debit mandate

If you wish to pay by Direct Debit a completed mandate must be received by the due date stated in the Direct Debit timetable and the first instalment must have been paid otherwise the option to pay by instalment will expire.

Please complete the online 'Student Tuition Fees' Direct Debit mandate with the details of the UK bank or building society account to be debited. The account can be your own account, or that of another person such as your parents, but must be completed by the account holder and it must be a personal bank account not a business bank account.

Online Direct Debit Mandate

If more than one signatory is required for the bank account then a paper Direct Debit mandate must be completed. Students who need to register in person should bring the paper mandate with them when registering and arranging payment of fees. All other students should return the paper mandate to the address given on the mandate.

Paper Direct Debit forms

After completing the mandate an email will be sent confirming the bank details have been validated and that the next contact will be a letter sent by email confirming the exact instalment amounts and the dates.

The validation routine only checks that the bank account details are in a correct format but cannot check that the bank account is suitable for Direct Debit as this will be done later. In general, current accounts are suitable for Direct Debits, savings accounts are not. Your bank will be able to advise.

Instalment dates

The account holder will be notified of the instalment dates and amounts in one letter, or email, as required by the Direct Debit guarantee.

The Direct Debit guarantee means that the bank account holder will receive at least 10 days advance notice of payments to be deducted and should a payment be deducted in error a full and immediate refund will be provided by the bank.

Until the instalment plan letter or email is sent there is no agreement by the University for instalment payment. If an instalment plan letter is not received then please contact the Income Section.


You can keep check on your full account details, including viewing your instalment plan, through My finance, MyEd.

Bank accounts

If you need to open a UK bank account it is best to organise this before coming to University. More information can be found on the Bank accounts pages.

Bank accounts

Once completed a Direct Debit mandate will remain in force for the duration of your studies at the University unless we receive notification of cancellation. It is recommended that direct debit instructions are cancelled for all students who complete or withdraw from their programme of study. In this situation students returning to study for a new programme and intending to pay by direct debit will need to set up a new direct debit mandate.

If you are considered to be a sponsor you cannot pay by instalment. Invoice terms are strictly 30 days.