Changing or cancelling a Direct Debit

You should notify us if there is a change of bank account, payment method or payer at least 20 days before your next Direct Debit instalment due date. You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time.

Change of bank account

If your bank details change then you will need to send us a new mandate form, or have your bank send us your new bank details, at least 20 days before your next instalment date.

Switching to a different account

If a different bank account is to be used for Direct Debit payment then the bank account holder should complete a new online Direct Debit mandate form or paper mandate form.

It is also advisable to cancel the Direct Debit instruction with the bank on the existing account.

Complete a new Direct Debit mandate form 

Starting a new account

Alternatively if you are closing the bank account being used for your Direct Debit and transferring to a new account, you can request that the bank informs us of this change.

If this option is selected we will receive the information automatically but you may wish to confirm that the new details have been received by contacting the Income Section.

Change of address

Where the account holder is not the student, and there has been a change of address please inform the Income Section by email, or by letter, stating the new address and the student’s matriculation number.

Cancelling a Direct Debit

You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time direct with your bank or building society and we will be informed automatically.

If a Direct Debit instruction is cancelled, and there is a balance of tuition fees then these will become due immediately and must be paid by another payment method.

Debit or credit card payment

Bank transfer and online payments platform

Finishing a programme or withdrawing

It is recommended that Direct Debit instructions are cancelled for all students who complete or withdraw from their programme of study.

The bank details held for these students, per the Direct Debit mandate, will be removed from the University's finance system.

Notify us of changes to your Direct Debit

If you need to notify us of changes to your Direct Debit then please contact the Income Section.

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