Pay by instalment

You can request to pay your tuition fees by instalment with a debit or credit card by completing a recurring card payment (RCP) instruction and Finance Registration Form. This gives the University permission to take scheduled automated instalment amounts from the chosen debit or credit card on confirmed dates.

The University does not charge transaction fees for debit or credit card payments.

Payment by RCP enables you to spread your payments in line with the University's standard instalment scheme or to match your external funded disbursements. RCP instalments are similar to direct debit instalments but you do not require a UK bank account to set up a RCP instruction. To set up the online RCP instruction you will need your  student number (for example 1234567) and a valid (not expired) debit or credit card.

student card

The scheduled amounts for the standard instalment scheme are:

  1.   50% of the tuition fees on 3 October 2022
  2.   25% of the tuition fees on 3 December 2022
  3.   25% of the tuition fees on 3 February 2023

RCP instruction

If you intend to pay by instalment complete the RCP instruction by the date shown on the payment timetable: 

It is the student's responsibility to check that high value recurring transactions to pay for student fees will be allowed by the bank or card issuer. 

Please make sure that you have completed the Financial Registration Form as well as the RCP instruction if you intend to pay by instalment.

Financial Registration Form

List of accepted cards

The following cards are accepted:

card logos
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Maestro (UK and International)
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa Electron
  • American Express

Reasons for a declined card

In many cases, declined transactions are for your own protection to prevent fraudulent activity on your account.

To protect your privacy your card issuer will not share the declined reason with the University.  You should contact your card issuer direct if you need more information.