Advance payment - instalments

Monthly payments are accepted in advance of the student fees due date.

Advance Payment - Instalments

Making payment towards your student fees or setting aside the money before your start date may help with budgeting later.  For example: a student starting in September deciding on the direct debit instalment scheme could pay or set aside 10% of the student fees each month from April. By September 50% of the fees would be on the student fees account  which is the required amount for the standard instalment scheme. If the student continued saving 10% of the student fees each month then the December and February direct debit could be collected successfully from the bank account, assuming the savings are transferred to the valid bank account used for the direct debit.

Advance payment does not guarantee a place

Advance payment is different from paying a deposit and is not linked to any offer of admission at the University of Edinburgh.

Use the tuition fees search to find out your fee rate then to pay in advance choose online or bank transfer. Once received payments are displayed in My finance, MyEd.

Tuition fees search

Pay Online with a Debit or Credit Card
Pay by debit or credit card with immediate notification of payment.
Bank Transfer and Online Payments Platform
Offering the choice of multiple currencies (including GBP) with a 72 hour guaranteed exchange rate and payment tracking.
Set up a direct debit mandate for the standard instalment scheme
The University collects payments on scheduled dates.