Advance payment

You can pay your tuition fees in full or monthly payments in advance of the programme start date and student fees due date.

Making payment towards your student fees, or setting aside the money before your start date, may help with budgeting later.

You may choose to make an advanced payment in full if you need to take currency exchange rates or market shares into consideration.

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Students with a Tier 4 visa

If you require a Tier 4 visa, and you choose to pay in advance, then the amount of tuition fees you pay in advance to the University can be included on your CAS. Once showing on your CAS, you can deduct this amount paid from the money you need to show in your bank account(s).

Tier 4 visa application financial requirements

Paying monthly in advance

If you choose to pay monthly in advance then you must start paying at least five months before your programme start date.

Example of an advance instalment arrangement

A student starting in September deciding on the Direct Debit instalment scheme could pay, or set aside 10% of the student fees, each month from the preceding April.

By August, 50% of the fees have been set aside or paid, which is the required amount for the standard instalment scheme.

If the student continues saving or paying 10% of the student fees each month then the Direct Debit payments for December and February could be collected successfully from the bank account. This is assuming that the savings are transferred to the valid bank account used for the Direct Debit.

The below table uses the example of a student whose total tuition fees for a single academic year is £20,000.


Total saved or paid

Required payments and due dates

April £2,000  
May £2,000  
June £2,000  
July £2,000  
August £2,000 £10,000 (50% of fees are due at Welcome Week or the very latest 3rd October)
September £2,000  
October £2,000  
November £2,000 £5,000 (25% of fees are due 3rd December)
December £2,000  
January £2,000 £5,000 (25% of fees are due 3rd February)
TOTAL £20,000 £20,000 (fees paid in full)

Advance payment does not guarantee a place

Advance payment is different from paying a deposit and is not linked to any offer of admission at the University of Edinburgh.

Choosing a payment method

As a self-funded student you can pay your tuition fees online with a debit or credit card or by setting up Direct Debit instalments. You can also choose to pay via the GlobalPay for Students platform which allows bank transfers and online payments in other currencies.