Sponsorship or scholarship funded

You may be required to provide us with proof of your external funding depending on the type of funding and the provider. Your formal funding offer should indicate whether tuition fees, individual course fees and additional programme costs are included, at what level and for what period of time.

If you are being sponsored or have a scholarship then you will need to send proof of your funding to:

This proof should be a written authorised agreement from the sponsor or scholarship provider confirming:

  • the value or percentage of fees being paid for
  • the type of fees being paid for (sponsors normally only pay for tuition fees so this means all other fee types will be invoiced to the student)
  • the number of years being paid for
  • the purchase order (PO) number, if required by the sponsors finance department
  • full name and contact details of the authorised signatory

Receiving an invoice

If you receive an invoice from us (to your SMS e-mail account) then this means that your funding has either failed, does not cover the fee type charged, or only covers part of the fees charged.

Full fees not covered

If you sponsor funding does not cover the full fees being charged then you can pay the remaining balance using any of the available payment methods. This includes instalment although some exceptions may apply.

Please be aware that your sponsor funding payment is not considered to be an instalment payment.

Payment of fees is your responsibility

We will invoice your sponsor directly and they should pay your fees within 30 days of the invoice date. Sponsors can pay using any of the payment methods but not by instalment.

If your sponsor does not pay within the 30 days then the liability for fees will be transferred to your student fee account and you will then be sent an invoice.

Paying your fees

If you are invoiced for your full fees or part of your fees then you can pay online with a debit or credit card or by setting up Direct Debit instalments. You can also choose to pay via the GlobalPay for Students platform which allows bank transfers and online payments in other currencies.