Pay your tuition fees if you have sponsorship or a scholarship

If you have an approved scholarship provider or sponsor, then it is their responsibility to pay either all or part of your tuition fees. If there are any leftover fees to pay, then you are responsible for making a payment.

What you need to do if you have full or partial external funding 

  1. If you are receiving funding from an approved scholarship provider or sponsor, you must send us proof of your funding.  

  1. Register how you will pay your tuition fees.  

  1. Register as a student online. 

  1. If you have partial external funding, then it is your responsibility to pay for the rest of the tuition fees not covered by your funding. You will need to make a payment by card, bank transfer or set up a Recurring Card Payment (RCP) instalment plan. 

Your funding must be confirmed before the start date of your programme. 

The University reserves the right to reject a sponsor. If this happens, then it is your responsibility to pay for your tuition fees.  

Step 1: Send us proof of your funding 

You must provide us with proof of funding from your approved sponsor or scholarship provider as soon as possible. The evidence should be a written authorised agreement that confirms the following: 

  • how much of your fees they will pay (this could be the amount or percentage) 

  • the type of fees they will pay (sponsors usually pay for tuition fees so you may receive an invoice for other types of fees, for example University accommodation fees) 

  • how many years they will financially support you

  • the purchase order (PO) number (if required by your sponsor)

  • the full name of your sponsor who authorised the agreement 

  • the contact details of your sponsor 

You should email a copy of the official headed documentation with this information to the Fees team.  

In your email, include the subject heading: ‘Evidence of external funding’. 

Email Fees team

If you do not provide evidence of your funding, then we will issue you an invoice that states how much money you owe for your tuition fees.  

Your scholarship provider or sponsor must pay the invoice we send them within 30 days of the invoice date. If not, then you will be sent an invoice.

If you have provided proof of funding 

If you have provided proof of your external funding and if your award letter states the funding is for your whole programme, then you do not need to send us the evidence for future years of study.  

Step 2: Register how you will pay your tuition fees (if you have not done so)

This form gives you directions on how to pay your tuition fees and lets our team know how you intend to pay your fees. If you have not yet filled it out, you should do this now.    

You will need to complete this form once at the start of every academic year, or whenever the way you fund your studies changes.

You do not need to complete this form if you have done so previously in the current academic year. Only complete it again if the way you fund your studies has changed. If you do not need to complete the form again, go to step 3.

Register how you will pay your tuition fees (if you have not done so) (secured)

Step 3: Complete your student registration online  

As part of the tuition fees payment process, you will need to complete your student registration online for each academic year. 

How to complete your student registration

Step 4: Pay for your fees (if partially funded or support is taken away)

If you are partially funded 

If you receive partial external funding, then you will need to pay the rest of your tuition fees yourself. In this case, you must pay your tuition fees by one of the following payment methods:  

  • one payment (by card, bank transfer or online payment platform) 

  • set up an instalment plan

Pay your tuition fees in one payment

Pay your tuition fees by instalment

If you lose funding from your scholarship provider or sponsor 

If your sponsor takes away their support from you or they fail to pay the invoice, then you must pay the remaining fees. In this case, we will send you an invoice that states how much you owe. 

It is important that all your tuition fees are paid by the end of your programme otherwise you will not be able to graduate or enroll to the next academic year. 

Check My finance  

My finance unavailable 22 July to 31 August 2022 

We are upgrading our finance systems. Due to this, My finance will not be available from 22 July 2022 to 31 August 2022.  

While My finance is down, you won’t be able to view amounts you owe or amounts you have paid. However, you will still receive an email when you make a payment. You can also check with your bank or card provider to see if the payment has been made. 

If you have received an invoice or made a payment, you will be able to see how much you need to pay and how much you have paid in My finance around a week after the re-launch. 

You will be able to see a record of your tuition fees payments by checking My finance by logging into MyEd.  

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