Educational loans

Payment of fees will be expected in line with the loan pay dates so long as the University has confirmed proof of the educational loan and the loan covers the tuition fees charged.

US Loans:

Student Administration will confirm US loan student details with the Income Section, Finance. The US loan once converted to GBP may not cover the instalment due and if this occurs the student must make up the instalment shortfall by the instalment date. Instalment dates are set to match loan disbursement dates. As an example students starting in autumn with a certified US loan, the instalment dates are:

Instalments Undergraduates Postgraduates Taught Postgraduates Research
1st 3 October 2019 3 October 2019 3 October 2019
2nd 3 February 2020 3 February 2020 3 April 2020
3rd   3 June 2020  

To guarantee your loan(s) are processed timely and ready for disbursement in the new 2019/20 academic session please see the US loan checklist to confirm all steps in the process are completed or underway:

US loan checklist

Other state or government funding:

Students with awards from the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and NHS bursaries must send evidence to Student Administration: These external funders will be invoiced direct for the amount of fees they have agreed to pay. If the award does not cover the student fees due for the programme of study then the student will be invoiced for the balance and payment should be made as for self funded students.

Canadian, Nordic, Scandinavian and Latin American students should send confirmation of their external funding including details of the amounts and pay dates to Finance: Students will be invoiced direct and an instalment plan will be set up based on the pay dates.

Career development loan (CDL):

Career development loans can cover tuition fees, living costs, travel and other study costs normally up to a maximum of 80% of the full cost. All CDL students due to pay the minimum 20% or more (as their contribution) of the fees must do so in advance or at matriculation. CDL students must provide a copy of the loan agreement detailing the amounts and the payment dates (s) to Finance: An instalment plan will be set up as the CDL payment schedule.

Indian bank loan:

A copy of the educational (bank) loan agreement detailing the amount and pay date(s) should be given to Finance: The loan payment dates must be the standard instalment dates per the direct debit timetable. An instalment plan will be set up on this basis.

The University of Edinburgh Scholarship:

Financial support of between £520 and £7,250 may be offered to England, Wales and Northern Ireland domiciled undergraduate students who are eligible. You will be able to use the award to either contribute towards your tuition fee costs or towards your general living costs while at Edinburgh. If using it towards paying fees then the instalment dates are set in accordance with the disbursement dates:

  Instalment amount Instalment date
Instalment one 50% of tuition fees 3 November 2019
Instalment two 25% of tuition fees 3 March 2020
Instalment three 25% of tuition fees 3 June 2020

Where the financial support is less than the student fees invoice amount the instalment shortfall must be paid by other means by the instalment date. Students must request an RUK instalment plan from Finance: as this will not be provided automatically to scholarship recipients.

More information about this scholarship is provided by Student Administration:

The University of Edinburgh Scholarship