Details regarding retiring.

Retiring from USS

If you are thinking of retiring from the University please contact the Pensions Office at least three months before your retirement date. General retirement information can be found on the USS website.

Retiring from the Staff Benefits Scheme (SBS)

If you are thinking of retiring from the University you can obtain a quotation from the Scheme’s administrators, Hymans Robertson LLP by emailing your request to Please note that you need to leave employment before you can bring your pension benefit into payment.

Retiring from any other pension scheme

If you are in LGPS, MRC, NHS, STSS or NEST and are thinking of retiring please contact the University’s pension team at at least three months prior to the date you want to retire to allow us to obtain an estimate of your retirement benefits and details of your retirement options.

Flexible Retirement

It is now possible for members of most schemes to take a flexible retirement option. Flexible retirement (or income drawdown as it is sometimes called) allows members to take payment of up to 80% of their pension benefit whilst continuing to work, albeit on reduced hours and salary. More details of this option can be found in the factsheets/links below:-