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Update at September 2020

Statement of Investment Principles – September 2020


Updates at August 2020

We wrote to you earlier in the year to ask your views about proposed changes to the University of Edinburgh Staff Benefits Scheme (SBS). To recap, the University proposed to increase both the member and employer contribution rates to the Scheme, to address the rising cost of providing the benefits. 

The increases are stated in the table below:

Contribution rate Current Proposed from 01/08/19
Member 8.0% 9.1%
Employer 16.2% 19.8%


Thank you to those who provided feedback, which we have listened to carefully while making our decision.  Based on the results of the consultation process, the University has decided to proceed with implementing the contribution increases with effect from 1 August 2019. 


The University is consulting with SBS members in relation to its proposal to increase member and employer contribution levels.  You can find the consultation document here along with some FAQs and additional data.


SBS Proposal Document


Summary of 31 March 2018 SBS Valuation Results


SBS Timeline 2018