Your Pension Choices Upon Joining

A number of different pensions schemes exist which University staff may become members of, based on different criteria.

Your Pension Choices - For Employees on grades UE01 - UE05


Your Pension Choices UE01-UE05


Comparison of Benefits between the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) and the University of Edinburgh Staff Benefits Scheme (SBS) – for Grades UE01 – UE05




Type of Scheme


Defined Contribution

Defined Benefit

Main Scheme Benefit

Members build up a retirement savings pot throughout their membership.  Up to 25% of the total fund value can be taken as cash at retirement, the remainder is used to purchase an income.


An annual income equal to 1/75th of pay for each year of membership plus a lump sum of 3/75th of pay for each year of membership.


Contributions are invested in stocks and shares on the member’s behalf.  The value of the member’s retirement pot can go down as well as up. 

Retirement benefits are not calculated on the value of the member’s contributions therefore there is much less risk to the member.


Life Cover

No additional life cover is provided.  The value of the member’s pot would be paid out upon death of the member.


A lump sum of 3 x annual salary is paid upon the death of the member along with an income for a spouse/beneficiary.

Additional benefits

Members can pay into their NEST account from any UK employer.


Serious ill health cover is provided as part of membership.

Cost of membership

Members pay 5% of salary, the employer

 pays 3% of salary.


Members pay 9.1% of salary, the employer pays 19.8% of salary

Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)

Members can pay AVCs into their NEST account at any time.

Members can pay AVCs to the Scheme’s money purchase arrangement with Standard Life.



NEST Member Guide

SBS Member Guide



Your Pension Choices - For Employees on grades UE06 - UE10


Your Pension Choices UE06-UE10


Pension Scheme Application Form


Pension Scheme Application Form

You no longer need to print and fill in this form by hand unless you do not have access to a PC. You can send your completed form by email to the address stated on the form. There is no need to physically sign the form as long as you are sending it for action from your UoE email account (i.e.