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Tax information for employees.

The Payroll Office liaises with HM Revenue & Customs and is responsible for deducting income tax from employees' salaries.

 University PAYE tax reference


The University’s PAYE tax reference is 961/2401398.


Our subsidiary companies tax references are:

Edinburgh Innovations Ltd - 961/2959369

EU Press Ltd - 961/KZ83562

UoE Accommodation Ltd (Arcadia) - 475/FB02706


The HM Revenue & Customs office which deals with the University is:

Tax Office for Individuals

  • HM Revenue & Customs

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Pay As You Earn
HM Revenue and Customs

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You can calculate what your tax and national insurance based on your earnings (post salary sacrifice deductions) using the HMRC tools.

Links below:

Tax:   HM Revenue & Customs: PAYE-0 (

NI:     HM Revenue & Customs: Class1NICs-1 (

Your payslip will inform you of your current tax code and NI category.