Expenses FAQs - Manual Claims

Please note that from 1 April 2018 the Finance department no longer accept manual expense claim forms unless there is recovery of an advance of expenses.

Claiming expenses via the eExpenses system:

Staff, Students and Visitor Staff can claim expenses using the eExpenses system:

Please note that you require a staff, student or visitor registration (VRS) number (and uun) to register for eExpenses. Registration should be requested using the appropriate FPM transaction type. (Staff eFinancials Payment Record Creation / Student or Visitor eFinancials Payment Record Creation)

If you have received an advance of expenses, you will need to deduct the amount already advanced from the total of expenses claimed. Staff must use the manual payment for staff expenses claim form to deduct any advance of expenses:

 Other claimants’ expenses:

Other claimants who do not have access to eExpenses can complete the Payment for Non-Staff/Student Expenses form on the Finance website forms page: and send to the School or Planning Unit Finance team for checking, approval and payment via FPM (Finance Process Manager).

Interview and relocation expenses can be claimed using the relevant form on the HR website: Please ensure that the form is completed and receipts are attached securely before forwarding for processing to your respective College/Support Group HR Administration team or School/department Finance team ready for processing via Finance Process Manager (FPM).