Frequently Asked Questions about finance training and information for new starts of the University.



Where is the Finance Training Room? B2.10, Finance Training Room, Charles Stewart House, 9-16 Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1HT (Central Area) (Map)
Where do I book training courses? Event Booking Channel
How do I know which Finance training courses to attend? Refer to the Finance Training Courses Overview page and discuss with your line manager.
The system I use does not have a mandatory training course, should I still attend? Not all courses are mandatory so please refer to the Finance Training Booklet to identify whether a training course is mandatory or not. The user guides and video tutorials are very useful for learning the key processes of each finance system.
What can I do if I'm still confused after attending a training course and referring to the training guides? You can book a one-to-one session with the Finance Training Officer who will cover the topic in more detail with you.

The course I want to go on is fully booked, what should I do?


You will need to add yourself to the course waiting list and wait for a cancellation. If no cancellations occur, you will need to book onto the next available course. Please be aware that training course places tend to be booked very quickly so you should try to book well in advance of the course date.

New Start? 

What training courses should I attend?

The Finance Training Booklet outlines the aim and content of each course and includes who should attend.

There are a range of user guides and video tutorials to enable you to familiarise yourself with a system prior to attending a training course or using a finance system.

Please discuss training with your line manager as they will be able to advise you on which training courses you should attend.

Book onto a training course through Event Booking Channel.

Is there a quick way to find out about the range of available finance systems?

We have created an Introduction to Corporate Finance Systems Presentation to help you understand the purpose of the different finance systems within the University.

I don't have a UUN yet, how can I book onto a course?

You can ask a colleague within your team to book on to a course on behalf of you and then send an email to to let us know that it will be you who is attending the course and not your colleague.

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