Finance Reporting

Help for staff members with finance reporting as part of their role.

Which Reporting System should I use?


  • Designed to provide transaction, account balance and general reporting information for both research and non-research budget holders.¬†
  • Simple and easy to use
  • ¬†Offers reports on financial transactions and account balances from corporate finance systems including eITs, eExpenses, Salary Forecasting, eTime, eStores and all eFinancials modules.

Business Objects (BI Suite)

  • Provides a web-based reporting environment in which reports can be created, edited, made available for others to view, or distributed onwards e.g. via e-mail
  • Access to all reporting from a single location, based on user permissions.
  • Standard reporting functions, reducing training requirements over time.


  • Allows users to run their own custom queries on data held within eFinancials.
  • Allow users to view information faster than via eFinancials and easily export data to excel.