Financial Skills Development Courses

Training courses that allow you to develop your financial skills.

Getting Started

Finance Induction Delegated Scheme of Authority
Finance for Non-Financial Managers Business Ethics

Fraud Awareness

Risk Management
Finance : Key Commercial Policies (Self Enrol via Learn) Payments to Individuals
Transparent Accounting


Finance Sections

Workshop: Introduction to Accounts Payable University VAT
Introducing Internal Audit Insurance
The Role of the College Accountant                                                     

Budgeting and Forecasting

Managing a Budget 1 (excluding Research Grants)                                                                                                  Managing your Endowment

Managing a Budget  2 - Advanced

Forecasting Workshop
Financial Appraisal Techniques Transaction Reporting                                                                    
Salary Forecasting  

Finance Skills

Presenting Financial Data in Reports, Chart and Tables                                                       Excel Training - Charting, Pivot Tables and VBA
Housekeeping for Financial Transactions Costing and Managing a small project
Year End Procedures Course The Mechanics
Writing a Business Case (secured) Foreign Currency Payments (dates TBC)
The University's Planning Process (dates TBC)  

Research Grants

Forecasting Research Grants Overheads Managing an EU Research Grant Budget
Managing a Research Grant: Post Award                                                             

Personal Finance

Preparing for Retirement       Financial Planning : Mid Career
My Finances