Xcel Uploader

Xcel Uploader allows users to extract data directly from a spreadsheet, insert directly into eFinancials and call the relevant validation and posting routines thus removing the manual input

At a very basic level the user logs into the Xcel uploader application and a web page is presented to the user where they can choose from the supported document types, currently this includes:

  • General Ledger Journals
  • Budget Journals
  • HSB Budget Journals
  • Product/Product Suppliers
  • Purchase Order Contracts
  • Invoice Register

Upload file templates are available for formatting the data to be uploaded to eFinancials.

Xcel Uploader Log In

Access and Registration

How to register for Xcel Uploader.

Xcel Uploader User Guide (secured)

User guide for the Xcel Uploader system.

Xcel Uploader FAQs

Question box
Frequently asked questions of the Xcel Uploader system.

Xcel Uploader Templates

MS Excel spreadsheet templates for Xcel Uploader.