Finance Channel Terminology

The Finance Channel shows all bills due to be paid to the University:

Current Items - Current items will open a window that will display Invoices not paid or part paid, payments or credits not yet allocated.

Make a Payment - Opens and displays invoices not yet paid.

Pay by Instalment - Pay by Instalment will open a window that will display mandate options for Student Fees, Student Rent, Parking Permits.

Student History - "Student Account History Tabs", will display the transaction history of your account, Invoices (bills) Payments, Credit Notes or refunded monies, payment transfers, payment reversals, Instalment Plan details.

Transaction Date - The date the invoice was created by the University's Finance System.

Transaction Reference - The unique identifying reference which is generated by the University Finance System.

Transaction Description - Invoice: depending upon the type of invoice, the invoice description field describes the course the student is studying, rent charges and/or other academic related charges.

Date Due - This is the date by which payment of the invoice is required.

Original Amount - This is the total amount of the transaction

Balance - The amount of the transaction not paid, or not yet allocated

Payment - monies received.

Credit Note - Credit to cancel an invoice.

Instalment Plan - This field indicates whether an instalment plan has been set up.

Refunds - This shows all refunds are overpayments refunded to the payer.

Unallocated Transactions - This shows payments that have been paid recently, that have not been allocated to an invoice.