Santander FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions of the Santander system.


What charges are made for foreign currency payments?

 £1 per bank draft, £5 per electronic transfer. The GBP equivalent plus relevant charge is posted to your budget by general ledger journal entry.


How do I register for access to Santander?

The Santander system is available to all members of staff.

To obtain access to the system follow the instructions on the Registration page.

If I am logged in to Santander but am not using it, will I be automatically logged out?

Yes: after 10 minutes.

This timeout limit has been set for security purposes to ensure users don't remain logged in when they're not using the system.

If you're in the process of creating a transaction but are unable to complete the transaction, please save the transaction before you turn to something else.

Transactions which have been saved can be accessed, modified and submitted at a later date.

How many login attempts are allowed before being locked out of Santander?

Each user is allowed three (3) attempts to log in to Santander before their user account is locked. Please contact if this happens.

I do not remember my password, how do I request a password reset?

Please email Kerry Scott ( and Rosemary Johnson (, quoting your Santander username to request a password reset.

Which internet browsers can be used with Santander?

At present Santander runs on Internet Explorer (version 7 and above), Mozilla Firefox (version 4) and Safari (version 5.0).

Is the online International Payments system secure?

Yes. We use advanced levels of data encryption technology to ensure that your sensitive banking details are transmitted in a secure and confidential way. In addition, customers set up a unique username and password to logon to the system.

What payment options are available?

You will be able to send international payments either via draft or electronic bank transfer. Drafts can either be mailed directly to the beneficiary abroad or posted back to you.

What foreign currencies are available via Santander?

The following currencies are available:

Australian Dollar  New Zealand Dollar
Canadian Dollar  Norwegian Krone
Danish Krone  Philippine Peso
Euro  Singapore Dollar
Hong Kong Dollar  South African Rand
Icelandic Króna  US Dollar
Indian Rupee  Swiss Franc
Japanese Yen  Thai Baht
Moroccan Dirham               UAE Dirham


Please contact the Foreign Payments team  ( if the currency you require is not listed above.

How will I know the amount of each payment?

For every electronic transfer and draft payment the journal entry posted to eFinancials will show the correct rate including currency conversion costs and unique reference number which links the eFinancials and Santander together. This will be posted monthly to the ledger.