Access and Registration

There are two methods of making foreign currency payments via Accounts Payable.

Santander Online Banking System

For payments in currencies not available via the online system a request for payment will have to be made using the paper foreign currency form.

Any member of staff wishing to access Santander must have a staff record within the eAuthorisations system, and have access to the Santander system assigned within eAuthorisations. Therefore before access to Santander can be granted, members of staff require to be authorised to use the system by an eAuthorisations Local Administrator.

Instructions on adding access to Santander within eAuthorisations can be found within eAuthorisations Help (secured)

When a user is granted access to the Santander system via eAuthorisations, this automatically generates a request to Finance Systems Team for the user to be setup on the system.  The Finance Systems Team will create a record for the new user on the Santander system and then workflow the request on to the Accounts Payable Team who will send the new user a username, password and welcome pack.

There is no longer any need to complete an application form for the Santander Online system.

If you need a supplier to be set up on the Santander Online System please email and enter "IP Beneficiary Creation" as the subject. You must also attach formal documentation from the supplier showing the bank details e.g. Invoice or correspondence on headed note paper and provide the provide the required bank details - IBAN, BIC, Payee etc in advance of entering the payment details.

If the supplier already exists on the system, please key in details to the Santander system and prepare an email/call to with the subject line/brief description to say “FAO AP SANTANDER PAYMENT SUBMISSION” – this email/call is to include the PDF confirmed payment print, the supporting invoice or other documentation and approval (via email or electronic signature) from a staff member with sufficient approval limits (as detailed in eAuthorisations)

Paper Foreign Currency Form

The paper forms can be requested by emailing or accessing the download from the Paper Foreign Currency Payment Forms page.

To make a payment in a currency not on the above list you need to complete a paper Foreign Currency Payment Form. These can be obtained by emailing