Foreign Currency Payments

Foreign currency payments to suppliers can be made online using the Santander International Payments system.

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The University generally makes payments to suppliers in UK pounds sterling (GBP) to UK bank accounts except if there are operational reasons for a payment to be made in a foreign currency or sent to a foreign bank account. These types of payments are normally made weekly. Payment is via Santander and typical transactions include:

  • payments for overseas conferences and courses

  • payments to overseas examiners

  • refunds made to overseas students

  • payments to foreign suppliers

The two main types of transactions used to pay overseas suppliers are:

  1. Bank drafts -  This is the term for cheques being sent to a foreign country, drawn in a foreign currency.

  2. Electronic funds transfers - This term relates to the transfer of monies directly into a foreign supplier's bank account. This is a faster but much more expensive method of payment and should  be used when the payment is required urgently.  


If you have a query about a foreign currency transaction made please email quoting the online payment reference

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There are two methods of making foreign currency payments via Accounts Payable.

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