ePay Refunds

All ePay refunds are carried out centrally by the Finance Department Cash Office using the ePay Admin Site.

Customers' refunds will be credited to the same card with which they originally made payment. Therefore if the refund is for an historic payment, please establish from your customer that the card being refunded to is still valid before requesting the refund.

Please Note:

  • Partial refunds are also possible - please specify the amount to refund on the form.
  • The Schools or Department will be recharged with the full value of the refund.
  • Schools and Departments should be aware that refunds to payers outside the UK may be subject to currency fluctuations.

Requesting a refund

To request a refund please complete the ePay Refund Form

Important! Please do not ask customers for credit card numbers or write any card numbers on the refund form. The refund can be processed with the ePay order number only, and for security reasons we would never collect card data in this way.

Authorising a refund

Please note that in order to approve the refund, the refund form must be completed by a member of staff authorised to approve online refunds, whose details are in the Finance Department eAuthorisations system.

Once this has been obtained, the refund will be processed via the ePay admin site.

Cash Office

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