ePay FAQs

Frequently asked questions of the ePay system.

Who to Contact 

Who should I get in touch with to find out more about ePay?

Please contact the Finance Helpdesk with any queries or requests related to ePay.

Is there an ePay mailing list?

Yes - The mailing list is epay-admin-all-list. Email to be added to the mailing list.

About ePay 

Who makes the ePay software?

ePay is an "off the shelf" product created and hosted by an external company called WPM Education.

Which server does it run on?

ePay is located outside of the University network and is hosted from WPM Education's own server, which is located in Brighton.

Who uses ePay?

ePay is used by all of the Colleges and Support Groups within the University.

So what about WorldPay?

The University still uses WorldPay to process card payments online - WorldPay are our Payment Service Provider and provide us with the technical means to handle online card payments.

ePay is the online store software which sits between WorldPay and the customer to provide a better, more sophisticated online shopping experience.

If you need more information have a look at the slides from the Receiving Payments Online presentation.



Making Payment 

How are credit card payments processed?

Card details are securely passed to RBS WorldPay who handle the actual process of taking money from one account and paying it into another.

Which credit and debit cards are accepted?

Most variations on Visa credit and debit cards, and MasterCard credit and debit cards can be accepted, i.e.

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa Debit
  • Delta
  • Maestro (UK and International)

can all be accepted.

How will payments appear to customers?

After making a payment through ePay, the payment will be listed on a cardholder's bank statement as "EPAY.ED.AC.UK - INTERNET".

Can customers pay using American Express?

Yes, as of 2013 our ePay store has accepted payments by American Express.

Can a customer with a foreign currency account use ePay?

Yes - This isn't a problem at all. The customer's bank will perform a currency conversion and the customer will be charged in their own currency. The University will receive the funds in GBP.

Card issuers usually charge a conversion fee for transactions such as these, however paying in a foreign currency using a credit card is still usually a lot cheaper than an international bank transfer.

Can I receive money in a foreign currency through ePay?

Yes and No - Customers with foreign currency accounts can make payment using ePay (see above). However, any funds received into the University will be in GBP - we cannot price products or conferences in a foreign currency on ePay.

Do customers receive e-mails after making a payment?

Yes - Examples of the standard ePay emails which are automatically sent to customers can be seen at ePay - Automated E-mails.

Can a customer be invoiced for an ePay order?

No - ePay only accepts immediate payment by credit or debit card.

Product Catalogue 

Can I take payments for varying amounts?

Yes - This is known as "Open Payment". If a product is set up for Open Payment, customers can enter and pay any amount.

Can I set stock levels on my products?

Yes - If you complete the Stock information on the Product Request Form, we can set up your product to have a finite stock level. Once it is sold out it will no longer be displayed.

I need to receive certain customer details with each purchase - is this possible?

Yes - We can add a customer questionnaire to your product. When a customer adds your product to their shopping basket they will be prompted to answer the questions.

Questions can be made mandatory, so customers have to provide answers in order to purchase your product.

Can I make my product hidden so only certain people can find it?

Yes - A product can be set to hidden so that it can only be viewed and purchased by following a direct link to the product details page. There is an option to specify this on the Product Request Form.

By default products aren't hidden and can be found and purchased by anyone browsing or searching ePay.

Can I ask a customer for a delivery address and charge shipping?

Yes - By default products are set up to not require delivery, and customers won't be prompted to enter a delivery address on checkout. However, if you require a delivery address this can be set up, as can delivery charges for your product.

Can I use ePay to take deposits?

Yes - A product may be set up and used as a means of taking a deposit. However, deposit products must be approved by the Finance Department Cash Office, and must comply to the ePay Policy.

Conferences & Events

Can I have a different rate for students who are coming to my event?

Yes - By having multiple Attendee Categories it is possible to charge different prices to different people.

Can a booking be edited by a customer after booking and paying?

No - Unfortunately once a booking for an event has been made it cannot be altered.

Can I have optional extras, like accommodation or social events?

Yes - This is a popular function of ePay used by many conference organisers. If you have any optional items, please list them in "Optional Events" within Section 2 of the ePay Event Request Form.

Optional items are quite flexible and can have their own:

  • Prices;
  • VAT rate;
  • Capacity;
  • Opening and closing dates;
  • Financial codes.

Can I capture registration information during a booking?

Yes - ePay always asks each delegate for the following information:

  • Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Contact Number
  • Company / Organisation
  • Job Title
  • In addition you may ask up to 10 questions specific to your event - e.g. "Do you have any special dietary requirements?", "Where did you hear about our event?" etc.
  • To include custom questions within the booking process, please detail these in the "Delegate questionnaire" within Section 2 of the ePay Event Request Form.

The Admin Site, Test Store and Training

How do I get access to the Admin Site?

Please complete the Admin User Registration Form which is available on the ePay Admin Access page, and return it to (secured)

Can I receive training on using the Admin Site?

Yes - Training is offered by the FIS Team and can be booked through the Events Booking Channel.

Can I use the admin site with Mac OS/Linux?

Yes - The admin site will work with all major browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) and Mac OS and Linux users can access the site.

Can I create my own reports using the Admin Site?

No - Unfortunately the reporting in the Admin Site is limited to a standard set of reports.