Frequently Asked Questions regarding the eIT System.



I can't log in to the eIT system. What can I do?

You must register with the EASE authentication service before you can access the eIT system.

See Registering with EASE.

What browser can I use to access the eIT system?

For PC users either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox can be used.

Mac users can access the system using Safari.

Who do I contact for help on the eIT system?

Contact Finance Helpdesk

I Originated an Order/Bill and sent to my normal Authoriser but they are currently off. What should I do?

Another user set up as an Authoriser must log into the system and search for your order. They can then change the Authoriser and update the transfer. The transfer will then be sent to their queue.

How do I get reports to fit on to one page?

You must change your browser settings.

Click "File", then "Page Settings". Change the orientation to Landscape and change all the margins to 0.

Is there a financial limit on raising orders or creating bills for Originators?

There is no financial limit for users originating Orders or Bills. The financial limit is set for Authorisers only.

Can I download reports to Microsoft Excel?

Yes. Click "Edit", then "Select All". Now, click "Edit", then "Copy". Finally, open Excel, and click "Edit", then "Paste".

Alternatively, select the data you want to copy then press Ctrl+C, open Excel, then press Ctrl+V.

You will then need to edit the report as required.

Why don't I have financial codes in my generated box on the Items tab?

Generated codes only appear after the IT has been successfully posted to eFinancials.

What does the "date posted" mean on the Search Transfers tab?

This is the date that the IT was successfully posted to eFinancials.

What does the "This eIT has changed, the following data summarises its content …" e-mail mean?

This means that in your eIT e-mail preferences option you have selected first option "Notify all status changes for an Internal Transfer". Because of this default option, you will get a notification whenever the eIT moves to a different stage in the workflow, even if it will not be showing in your queue.

Because of this, we advise to choose third option: Only Notify when an Internal Transfer requires my attention.