Registration and Access

The registration and access process for eExpenses.


To access the eExpenses system you must first be authorised to do so by an appropriate member of staff within your area. This is often your local finance administrator.

  • Please complete the form below and contact your local finance administrator to request access to the eExpenses system.


Your local finance administrator will ensure that a record containing your bank details has been set up in the corporate Finance system before arranging for you to be granted access to the eExpenses system. Once granted access to the eExpenses system, users can log in using their EASE login details. 

For more information on EASE please visit Information Services' EASE Guide     

If you are a member of staff who will be granting eExpenses access, more information can be found here (secured)

Wireless Connection or Outside University Network

If you are trying to access using a wireless connection or you are outside the University network and wish to access via VPN, details regarding VPN can be found here.

Internet Browsers

Corporate applications are officially supported on a minimum set of web browsers across the main operating systems. The list of web browsers supported for use with University corporate applications is reviewed bi-annually and can be viewed here.

However please note there are known security issues with Google Chrome and we recommend to use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.