Important Expenses Information

eExpenses is EASE authenticated

Key Points

  • There is no requirement to send a print out of your claim and receipts to your approver prior to your claim being approved, unless this is a local requirement by your School/College.
  • Once a claim has been approved, original/backup documentation, whether paper or electronic (e.g. paper or emailed receipts), should not be sent to the Finance department and should instead be retained by the School/College or claimant.
  • Where original/backup documentation is held in electronic format (e.g. emailed receipts) there is no requirement to print and store these. Similarly, there is no need to store a paper print out of the claim, unless this is a local requirement by your School/College.
  • The recommended retention period of original receipts/backup documentation for the School/College or claimant is current financial year + 1 year. All receipts attached to claims within eExpenses will automatically be retained in perpetuity via the document management solution. NB: Original receipts/claim backup documentation may require to be retained for a longer period of time, and specifically by the School/College, if it relates to research projects or for tax purposes. This is in line with the existing retention policy here: Accounts Payable Archiving Policy.

Claim Processing Timescales

The following target processing timescales have been set by the expenses management strategy group.

  • The target from submission of the completed claim to authorisation has been set at 3 days
  • The target timescales from authorisation to claim payment has been set at 5 working days.

PCI DSS Compliance

Users of eExpenses are expected at all times to comply with PCI DSS and thereby should always attach receipts which contain no visible payment card details. As a result, all claims made via the eExpenses System must be in accordance with The University of Edinburgh PCI DSS Policy.