The eExpenses system is for electronically claiming expenses that must abide by the Expenses policy.


Legacy System - People and Money now in use

Due to the lauch of People and Money this page is currently under review, please see People & Money guidance at


The system is accessed via the Web and can be run on most internet browsers. The target turnaround for payment under the eExpenses system continues to be five working days from the point at which the claim is approved, to the payment arriving in the claimant's bank account.

Please note, from 1st April 2018 the Finance department no longer accepts manual expense claim forms unless there is recovery of an advance of expenses.

Information pertaining to the use of eExpenses and related policies is available via links in the Policies and Guidance section below. Please familiarise yourself with this information.

eExpenses Log In

eExpenses Feedback

Important Expenses Information

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eExpenses is EASE authenticated

Registration and Access

The registration and access process for eExpenses.

eExpenses User Guides & Tools (secured)

User Guides for the eExpenses System.

eExpenses Videos (secured)

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Videos for common processes in the eExpenses system.

eExpenses FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions of the eExpenses system.


Policies and Guidance

New Expenses Policy

Financial Records Retention Schedule

PCI DSS Policy                                                                      


 Wireless Connection or Outside University Network

If you are trying to access using a wireless connection or you are outside the University network and wish to access via VPN,

Accessing via VPN