Business Objects (BI Suite)

Business Objects (BI Suite) provides a web-based reporting environment which allows for reports to be created, edited, made available for others to view, or distributed onwards e.g. via e-mail.

Web Intelligence (InfoView)

An interactive browser-based reporting application which enables users to view, refresh, print and schedule pre-written reports. This is available through the MyEd channel called 'Reporting + Analytics'.

The main benefits that BI Suite provides are:

  • Access to all reporting from a single location, based on user permissions.
  • Single Sign-on via EASE.
  • Standard reporting functions, reducing training requirements over time.

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Business Objects (BI Suite) Staff Access Form

Please complete this form to request access to Finance Data via the Business Objects (BI Suite) system.

Business Objects User Guides (secured)

User Guide for the Business Objects system.