Staff Appointments

Managing staff on grants

You should ensure you are familiar with the University's Recruitment and Selection Guidance and all members of staff that are involved in the recruitment process have attended the relevant mandatory training.

Advertising a staff appointment

All adverts to recruit staff must be submitted through Human Resources. A departmental account must be given for an advert to be placed.

Once the project has been activated, with the new staff member commencing on the project, the advert cost can be moved to the project if an eligible cost. To advertise a research project funded post HR will require a copy of the award letter confirming funding.

Staff Appointments

Before making a staff appointment please ensure

  • There is sufficient budget available 

  • The appointment is within the project period

  • The post is allowable (within terms and condition of funding)

Managing Staff

Research staff employed in connection should be managed in accordance with HR guidelines. This includes managing performance and development through the probation and beyond (setting objectives and monitoring progress), leave (annual, sickness and maternity) and dealing with any other people management issues.

Your local school HR contact will be able to assist you with this and more information can be viewed about the Code of Practice for the Employment of Research Staff and Concordat to support the development of Researchers.

You will need to review staff who are one fixed term contracts with end dates and ensure that you have funding to cover their costs.

Managing staff costs and budgets

You can view information on your research staff through WebFirst which has a salary forecasting report so you can estimate the costs of staffing though out the life cycle of the grant.

Shortfall in Budgets

A number of funders require organisations to apply for funding excluding any provision for pay awards, preferring to apply their own inflation scheme e.g. the Research Councils. In some cases this is lower than UoE’s forecast inflation rate on staff appointments. This may result in a budget shortfall. In this situation, Research Grants Section will advise either to:

  • Reduce the length of appointment to fit within the available budget

  • Vire (transfer) from another budget within the grant, if allowable by the funder’s terms and conditions.

  • Fund the shortfall from an alternative non-research source.