Invoicing Funders

Information on invoicing funders.

It is the Research Grants Section’s responsibility to ensure that funds are requested from a funder in line with their requirements. Payment terms or schedules are included in the funder's Terms and Conditions.

The team generates invoices using the University Finance System (eFinancials) and ensures that invoices are issued in the correct format for that particular funder e.g. using the funder’s own claim form (where required), correct budgets headings, currency etc.

If a payment schedule is to be followed (e.g. payment on achieving milestones) we ensure that sales invoices are raised in accordance with the instructions given by the funder.

Research Councils and several other funders pay the University automatically (known as profile payments) and we record the income. Note that Research Councils require that income is not received in advance of need and so the Research Grants Section will monitor this.

Debt collection

Debts are chased as soon as is practicable without the necessity of legal action. However, in the legal action may be taken under certain circumstances. Debt collection is managed centrally by Finance.

School Responsibilities

If you become aware of difficulties in receiving income from a funder, please contact your research grants administrator (secured) as soon as possible.