Awards Transfers

When seeking to transfer an award to or from UoE it is important that you contact your Research Grant Administrator as soon as possible.

Transfers can take between 2-4 months, and even longer if the award is complicated (e.g. staff retention/relocation, equipment transfers, intellectual property considerations). Transfer of awards require permission from Funder and the relinquishing and receiving organisations, before the Funder can re-announce the award to the new organisation.

Depending on the funder and whether the project has been awarded via a sub-contract there are several permissions required before a transfer can take place.

In some instances a novation agreement will be required to replace one institution with another or – for example – with research councils, an award will be terminated at the existing Institution and new Award Letter issued to the new Institution. On some occasions a Sub-Contract can be put in place to transfer part of an award.

Please note that the following key steps relate primarily to the transfer of research grants that have set terms and conditions; the transfer of research contracts, whose terms require specific agreement of the parties concerned, may take fewer steps because the execution of the agreement itself will serve as confirmation of budgets and acceptance of transfer.

Key steps in the process:

  • All parties should be involved of the intended award transfer as soon as possible award and the proposed effective date agreed.

  • The funder will outline their requirements at this stage.

  • The institutions involved will exchange any necessary paperwork.

  • Discussions regarding the arrangements for staff and equipment on the award should be initiated as early as possible.

  • The legal or contracts teams at each institution will liaise over any contractual issues that may need to be resolved prior to transfer.

  • The funder will request a final expenditure statement or closing budget document

  • The funder may re-announce the award, usually in the form of a revised award letter or contract.

  • The transfer is complete and the funds available in your new institution.

As soon as you know you will be moving, please contact the following people:

  • Your research funder.

  • Your current department who will advise of any specific internal requirements.

  • Your new department at your new University.

  • Your Research Grants Administrator (secured) at UoE.

  • Any staff employed on the project – consult Human Resources for assistance if staff are going to transfer with you, or will need alternative employment once the project is transferred.

And finally ….

  • Your Research Grants Administrator (secured) will provide the funder with a closing budget, final invoice or final expenditure statement and manage correspondence on budgetary issues.

  • Research Grants will manage any contractual issues relating to the transfer.

Who to contact when transferring grants

For transfers to UoE, please contact your Pre-Award Research Finance Officer and for transfers from UOE please contact your Research Grants administrator.