Aims and Responsibilities

Research Grants Section's aims and responsibilities.

Strategic Goals for Post Award

  • Maintain tight stewardship over the funder monies
  • Increase transparency of reporting for research income and expenditure across the University and to grant holders

  • Evolve financial systems and processes to allow for the efficient management and processing of research grants from project award to completion

  • Develop a culture of customer service and support by providing the expertise and resources for research grant budget holders and financial administrators

Service Targets

  • Grants to be closed within 0 - 6 months of final payment being recieved form the funder
  • Bad Debt to be reduced to zero, or provide a suitable justification
  • Reconciliations to be completed and kept up to date for all awards
  • Account Reviews completed in a timely manner for all funders which require them
  • InfoEd Key Data Exceptions to be reduced and kept to a minimum