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The Payroll Services section liaises with HM Revenue & Customs and is responsible for deducting income tax from employees' salaries.

University PAYE tax reference

The University’s PAYE tax reference is 961/2401398.

Our subsidiary companies tax references are:

Edinburgh Innovations Ltd - 961/2959369

EU Press Ltd - 961/KZ83562

UoE Accommodation Ltd (Arcadia) - 475/FB02706


The HM Revenue & Customs office which deals with the University is:

Tax Office for Individuals

  • HM Revenue & Customs

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Pay As You Earn
HM Revenue and Customs

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Tax codes

Your tax code indicates the amount of pay you may receive without paying tax in the year. A tax code of 1185L indicates that your tax free allowance for the year is £11,850, which means you may earn £988 a month without deduction of tax.

A tax code of 0T means that all of your earnings are being taxed and you are not receiving any tax-free allowance.

Tax codes with a prefix of S will have their Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax based on the Scottish Rates of Income Tax (SRIT).

Tax Rates for 2018-19

Scottish Rates of Income Tax (SRIT) rates

The Scottish Government is introducing additional tax bands applicable from 6 April 2018. If your tax code has the prefix S then your PAYE tax will be based on the table below:

Bands Band name Rates (%)
Over £11,850*-£13,850 Starter Rate 19
Over £13,850-£24,000 Basic Rate 20
Over £24,000-43,430 Intermediate Rate 21
Over £43,430-£150,000** Higher Rate 41
Above £150,000 Top Rate 46

* Assumes person is in receipt of the Standard UK Personal Allowance

** Personal Allowance is reduced by £1 for every £2 earned over £100,000

The net pay calculator on the payroll website has been updated to reflect these bands.

Rates for the rest of the UK

Bands Band Name Rates (%)
Over £11,850-£46,350 Basic Rate 20
Over £46,350-£150,000** Higher Rate 40
Over £150,000 Additional Rate 45