Applying for the loan

How to apply for the interest-free bike loan.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Determine the cost of your bike/motorbike and any safety equipment and clothing you may wish to purchase. Items acceptable to set against the loan are helmets, high visibility  jackets, gloves, and cycle lights for front and rear. You will need to identify a suitable vendor to purchase these items from, and obtain a written quote of the costs. You may wish to check out the staff discounts available for University staff from some shops.  
  2. Complete the Interest-free bike loan application form. 
  3.  Email the application form and a copy of the written quote of costs from the bike shop/supplier to Payroll Services via the Finance Helpline online enquiry form.  
  4. You will be notified when the payment will  be made to your salary.  
  5. You will then use the payment to make your purchase of the bike and associated safety equipment.  
  6. You must send your receipt to the Payroll Services Team within 30 days of purchase via the Finance Helpline online enquiry form.  
  7. The University will recover the cost of the bike and associated safety equipment in 10 equal monthly installments directly from your salary, normally commencing with effect from the first pay period after payment has been made.

Interest Free Bike Loan Application Finance Helpline Online Enquiry Form