Other Insurance Policies

The Insurance Department arranges a number of policies which cover different areas of the University's business.

The University has 24 insurance policies.  The following is a summary of these (excluding motor and travel).  More detail can be found on the Finance web site -


What’s covered

Scope of cover

Policy Limits/Excess 


All buildings, including contents, student accommodation, equipment, computers, artworks, money and contract works, items in transit.

All Risks  which includes theft, fire, water damage, malicious damage, business interruption, loss or damage to artworks, theft of money or damage to buildings under refurbishment, items or equipment in transit.

Buildings/Contents - £100,000

Equipment - £1000

Computers - £100,000

Artworks - £1000

Contract Works - £1000

Transit - £1000

Individuals Employees, students, third parties, (including work experience), contractors, volunteers and honorary staff. Legal liability in respect of negligence on the part of the University and/or it’s staff or students. £50M
Specialist Policies Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers liability, Clinical Trials, Engineering, Pension Trustee Liability. Wrongful advice resulting in a financial loss, legal expenses, no fault compensation, statutory requirements, theft of stock.

PI - £5,000/£20M

D&O – no excess/£5M

Clinical Trials £2500/£20M

PTL – no excess/£1M

Ad hoc Other insurance policies can be arranged, ie Event Cancellation Cover. Please contact the Insurance Office for further information (