eFinancials Upgrade

Background and updates on the progress of the eFinancials Upgrade project (FIN118).


The University successfully upgraded its version of eFinancials from v4.1 to v5. The upgrade was required to ensure eFinancials is compatible with the University’s technical infrastructure.

The eFinancials upgrade process took place from Friday 9th November through to Tuesday 13th November. 

As part of the process subsidiary systems have also been upgraded to their latest version. These include: eAnalyser, FPM, Launchpad, OpenAM, PaperClip, Supplier Self Service, and Xcel Uploader.

Additionally, eFinancials and other Finance applications including eExpenses, eIT, eStores, eTime, Student Finance Channel and WebFirst were moved to a new Oracle 12c database.

The upgrade to eFinancials v5 and the subsidiary systems will impact on numerous other systems due to the interfaces between them.

You can access all finance systems through the Financial Systems Launchpad.