Information and guidance for students.

I am expecting the University to make a payment to me and I need to provide you with my bank details how do I do this?

Providing your bank details and email address for the first time and changes to your bank accounts details couldn’t be easier with our “add/amend my email address or bank details” form. Simply click on the link below and login to your My Ed account to access this form. Complete your details and submit.

Accounts Payable will review and update your email address and bank details, ready for future payments.

We’ll contact you via your email address if there are any issues.

Please visit to enter your email address and bank details for the first time. 

You will need to provide us with your email address, 6 digit sort code and 8 digit bank account number to allow us to update our records, to allow future payments to be made direct to your bank.

N.B. The UK Bank Name should be the name that the bank account is registered in, as shown on your bank card.

Will I be advised when monies I am expecting to be paid to me, from the University, are on their way to my bank account?

Yes, an electronic remittance advice will be issued to your staff or student email account confirming that funds are on their way. This remittance should be received at least the day before the funds reach your bank.

I have an enquiry related to my Tuition Fees or other charges, can Accounts Payable help me?

No, Tuition fee enquiries should be directed to the University’s Income Section, see link below:

Accounts Receivable (Income Section)

I am expecting a payment from the University, as advised by the University Scholarship and Student Finance Team, can you tell me when I can expect these funds?

Accounts Payable need to be in receipt of an authorised instruction from the Scholarships team, this instruction facilitates the progression to payment.

Scholarship and Student Funding Contacts

I have an enquiry about my Rent can you help?

The Rent Team at Accommodation Services will be able to assist:

Accommodation, Catering and Events at The University of Edinburgh | UOE Accommodation  


Rent Payment FAQs | The University of Edinburgh Accommodation & Catering | UOE Accommodation