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Fringe Access

Edinburgh is a beautiful city but it can be a tricky one to get around. Hills, cobbles, steps and alleyways can be challenging to most people, but add issues around mobility and Edinburgh becomes very daunting indeed. Though some historic buildings will always remain inaccessible, we’re all trying to improve access for everyone.

Pleasance Courtyard

The Fringe Society are committed to ensuring that the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is as inclusive as possible and we are keen to assist with this. 

For the past 2 years the University of Edinbrgh and the Fringe Society have supported the Mobiloo which is located on Windmill Street alongside Appleton Tower.  This is one of five changing places in central Edinburgh during August.  A Changing Place is an accessible toilet with an adult-sized changing bench and a hoist for people who are unable to use a standard accessible toilet.  This has allowed people who have previously felt anxious about visiting the George Square area during the Fringe to be able to have a better festival experience.

This year, the Pleasance Courtyard have laid matting down so patrons have a smoother trip to the box office and to 2 of the 3 lifts on site.  They may not look like much but they make a big difference and we think it is a great start to improving the access for people in the courtyard be they in wheelchairs or just a bit unsteady on their feet.




Find out more about accessibility and additional needs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.