University at the festivals


Collection of articles from the 2018 festivals season detailing events in which the University was involved.

Science Festival interview with Dr Niki Vermeulen

Dr Niki Vermeulen, a Lecturer in the History and Sociology of Science, is the winner of the University’s 2018 Tam Dalyell Prize. The public engagement award is made for Curious Edinburgh, a series of virtual tours that explore the rich scientific heritage of the city. Dr Vermeulen will deliver the Tam Dalyell Prize Lecture as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Science Festival interview with Dr Amy Pedersen

Dr Amy Pedersen in the School of Biological Sciences studies the complexities of parasite-borne infections in the real world, in which organisms are usually infected by multiple parasites at once, and where parasites can cause infection in several different species.

Science Festival interview with Dr Sian Henley

Dr Sian Henley, a Research Fellow in the School of GeoSciences, studies some of the most hostile environments on Earth - the Arctic and Antarctic oceans. Dr Henley and a team of volunteers from the UK polar science community will share their experiences at Meet the Polar Scientists, a drop-in event for families.

Science Festival interview with Dr Isabel Fletcher

Dr Isabel Fletcher is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Law, whose expertise focuses on the interactions between nutrition research and public health policy. Dr Fletcher is introducing two speakers, and chairing discussions with the audience, examining the environmental impacts of the food system and ways in which we can start to eat more sustainably.

Science Festival interview with Professor Alex Murphy

Alex Murphy is Professor of Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics in the School of Physics and Astronomy. He will join a discussion about the search for elusive dark matter and dark energy, which will touch on the latest evidence and experiments.

Science Festival interview with Professor Bill Earnshaw

Professor Bill Earnshaw is Wellcome Principal Research Fellow in the School of Biological Sciences’ Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology. Professor Earnshaw will be hosting an interactive science and art workshop inspired by his team’s research into the complexities of cell division.

Carnival is Coming

Friday 9th February is Day 1 of Latin America Week at the University of Edinburgh and it’s also Day 1 of Rio De Janeiro’s world famous street carnival. So, what better way to kick things off than with an Edinburgh Carnival!